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Mini Digger and Trailer Insurance Experts

When it comes to insuring your  mini-digger and trailer you may as well come to leaders in insurance for the construction industry. Cobra UK & Ireland Insurance are experts in all aspects of insurance for the building and construction industry. Our  specialist construction plant insurance team will advise on the most appropriate insurance options for your mini-digger and trailer. Our construction plant insurance team not only find the best price for your mini-digger and trailer  Insurance but we make sure you are effectively covered for what you do and not paying for what you don't need. Our record on claims handling in the construction insurance industry is excellent and many of our construction company customers have been with us for 20 years or more. If things go wrong we have the knowledge and commitment to help with your claim.

Mini-Digger and Trailer Plant Insurance

Our construction plant insurance team tailor policies to cover your mini-digger and trailer which offer great value for money and which cover all of the significant risks including theft and accidental or malicious damage. Both annual and short term insurance cover is available.



Insurance Cover For All Types Of Plant, Including:

  1. Compaction Machines
  2. Compressors
  3. Concrete Mixers
  4. Conveyer Belts
  5. Cranes
  6. Dozers
  7. Dumpers
  8. Diggers
  9. Excavators
  1. Forklifts
  2. Generators
  3. Graders
  4. Loaders
  5. Mini Diggers
  6. Mining Equipment
  7. Quarry Equipment
  8. Road Construction Equipment
  9. Trailers

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Construction Equipment Security and Registration Scheme (CESAR)

It is estimated that £70-£100 million worth of construction equipment is stolen each year in the UK alone. Construction companies can protect and register their equipment on the official Construction Equipment Security Registration scheme operated by Datatag. Each machine registered, will be protected by state-of-the-art identification technology including:

  • Glass Tag
  • Unique Plant Identification Platetwo unique tamper-proof ID plates which carry a unique identification number.
  • Datatag DNA an invisible unique DNA code.
  • Datadots® a microdot identification system which can be applied to any surface, virtually impossible to remove.